Hornby-Dublo Electric Trains Poll

Hi and thanks for participating in the first Hornby-Dublo Electric Trains poll. As well as being a bit of fun, the results will help us to choose the most relevant material for the site.

Which is your favourite Hornby Dublo system?

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3 thoughts on “Hornby-Dublo Electric Trains Poll”

    1. Hi, easiest option would be to photograph the collection as is, post the pics on Hornby Dublo Electric Trains Facebook page with your rough location and see who responds. Possibly split the collection into two lots.

      Selling items individually on eBay will net the most money but it is a lot of work.

    2. I have a three rail layout but only have a small number of locos but would like to extend the layout by adding a few more locos but finding those that I do not own in good condition are hard to find ,but do cost a little more than I can afford, if you have a layout and are able to test your locos when listing them you are able to get more for them

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